Polar ‘Vortexing’ in Style

I don’t know about you, but as a South American, winter weather alone is enough to make me feel miserable (and bitchy!). But I seriously can’t even begin to describe how horrible I feel with THIS insane winter we’re going through now. Yeah, I presume we are ALL miserable and wishing it to be over by now. With these insane deep freeze temperatures, all I can think of is soaking up warm rays of sun and detoxing the awful winter blues in the warm sea waters of Mexico. And the craving is SO BAD that I should hold Mexican citizenship by default.

But since my wish can’t come true for now, I resort to find pleasure in dressing up in some pretty gorgeous winter coats…. not the same, I know, but hey, can’t blame a girl who tries to find comfort in dressing well, can you? 😉

Go check it out my latest Style Council post at Navabi:



Image by Lucas Jones  // make up by Tara Taylor // hair by Leah Haberer

One Comment on “Polar ‘Vortexing’ in Style

  1. Oh how I wish I could just switch places with you right now! Missing so much some freezing weather, been melting on these days of summer! Xx

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